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Thread: The Weekly Marmot - World Boss Woes

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    The Weekly Marmot - World Boss Woes

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    Your big announcement is going to be a new show called "PST Rapider Fire," isn't it?

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    Iam glad that you are back on track xD, hopefully your personal things are solved / on the good way.

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    I'm betting it's that he's got himself a lorelet.
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    Hunters, Just get a Sporebat, most LFRs will be missing that buff.

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    world bosses and other GW2 concept rip offs

    it would have been easier to have world bosses similar to old BC raids that involved one boss only. it works in a game like GW2 because of the inconsequential loot system. The fact that the bosses and rares are stationary and spawn in the same place is enough of a let down to make them nothing other than stock Mobs that just exist sooner or later in a short period of time. They have however put steps forward in the way they implement a new feature so that in a future expansion the goofs are usually fixed .. wait im not even sure i believe that.

    but yea they should have completely just had a random boss instance where you fight a random boss and maybe had some sort of discovery needed to find how to start the instance ie different location spawn.

    now this takes away from being like GW2 but since both games are total opposites i don't know why they adopted some of the same features or even tried to when its not what causes people to gravitate towards WoW in the first place.

    Even gains in XP for farming nodes was kind of a worthless idea.. which caused people to complain about not getting anything for skinning.. or in a production profession getting xp for crafting ..

    if they stopped trying to please every single persons desire for them to be like every other game in fairness and to cater to every whim by taking out what was part of the original game ..

    things like making a legendary quest line for any player to complete instead of throwing the legendary out of the game entirely .. ie another adaptation from gw2 ..the idea of just giving things away makes for a really unsatisfying game - ie making world bosses like champions to try and serve as a pseudo raid instance was just a bad idea ..

    taking on other peoples ideas has served to create more problems than solve them .. there was another one that was kicked around about being able to cast while moving and its just another feature in gw2 .. a game that feels like its about to tank because no expansions being made and its about as casual a game as ever made by a company to satiate a 12 year old fan base of players ..

    which kind of is the idea of a good game but at the same time .. they arent adding in features that are really important to the game when trying to cash in on the ones in other games

    and world bosses and the tap to faction was something that if you had a reason to argue with someone who played gw2 that the feature did in fact exist also in Wow and it wasn't any different or better for having it was a really bad idea for a change

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    Suspense and mystery ...what happened in lores personal life. I hope he's dog is ok...what is the big announcement ...I'm not goings to be able to sleep now...damn you Josh. Seriously I do hope you are ok.

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    Glad to have you back, and good to hear your getting back on track. Hope everything is okay personally.

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    I guess two thought experiments:

    1) What if tap to faction were removed (as well as the workaround to have someone in the original tap drop group and form another raid), but boss mechanics were tailored to prevent griefing (e.g., boss is taunt immune)? Another way to put it: if Galleon were taunt immune and located on the Isle of Giants, would it have worked? If another raiding guild on the same faction missed the tap, they would simply leave the island if they couldn't grief the kill (and they certainly wouldn't assist with the kill).

    1a) In addition to the above, what if multiple world bosses spawned at the same time in geographically distant areas? Competing raiding guilds on the same faction could head to another boss in a different area.

    2) What if tap to faction were removed and free for all were added? For example, the instant a raid pulled the boss, everyone else in the area becomes hostile. If a Horde and Alliance raid were fighting each other over a world boss, you would just call it world PvP -- why not extend that to competing raiding guilds that happen to be on the same faction?

    In my mind, the easiest way to stop a zerg is to limit the loot to forty people. This would accommodate a 25 man raiding guild with 15 people on their bench. It would also accommodate a coalition of three 10 man raiding guilds with an additional 10 people on their combined bench.

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    Nalak is basically a scaled-up Isle of Thunder rare, so they've got that covered.

    I expect Blizzard to take at least one more swing at world bosses, probably in 5.4. One of them will probably a loot pinata like Sha of Anger and Nalak. The "hard" one will probably out of the way and rare-spawning like Oondasta, but I expect that:

    1. There will be a mark of death or similar mechanic to prevent people from usefully respawning during the fight.

    2. The fight will involve a personal challenge, like Leotheras's adds or Durumu's maze, rather than a coordination challenge like Oondasta. Tap-to-faction means lots of unintentional griefing when there are coordination challenges.

    3. The fight will be fairly short, enforced by a berserk timer or soft enrage, so that there isn't time to assemble a lot of people during the fight. This is for server stability reasons. You could still assemble a bunch of people before the pull, but you won't want to because you'll want to pull before the other faction does.

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    Now my issue with world bosses is simply my PC just sucks and can't handle it. Even on low settings, I may be lucky to get in a few attacks and then comes the lag monsters. Open world stuff handled fine in GW2, but WOW there's no point. If I join a group, I mooch of everyone, which I don't like doing. Oondasta is straight up impossible for me, the bosses are not worth it. I raid 10 mans and can do LFR with no issues, I'd like it to go back to TB/BH style, but I doubt that'll happen.

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    Re: The Weekly Marmot - World Boss Woes

    My issue with the tap to faction is that usually I don't get any loot. I have only gotten loot from galleon and the sha so far. I've done oondasta 3 times now without being in the "main" group and nothing.

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    What can we expect to see in the future?
    A lot of very disgruntled players spamming the official forums, about how unfair everything is if they suddenly need to work together with other players to achieve anything outside of normal / heroic raids, because at this point the game have undergone 3 years of mindless pampering to the lowest nominator in all aspects!

    I can't help but feel, that live at this point with their recent changes, feels more like Ptr v.2, their making changes that lowers the bar on everything, not just by a little, but by a landslide, and if their aiming to improve the social aspect of things, giving more away for less is not the route to take.
    They've done that for 3 years now, and the community in general have degraded and declined to a degree where junkies have a higher social standard then the majority of players.

    If they truly want certain aspects of the game to have value, there needs to be a clear and definite separation between "social" players (people who play the game for fun), and the "raiders" (people who play for the challenge & prestige)
    If everything is just flat out available to everyone regardless of time investment, skill level / organisation, then everything turns bland and has no real value, it essentially becomes a fast food parlor that's really easy to drop!

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