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Thread: Prot warrior and your keybinds

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    Prot warrior and your keybinds

    Hey there gents and ladies. This is my first post so I'll lead off with a little back ground. I started playing WoW 2 weeks after release and played through BC. After BC I played off and on, leaving and returning a few different times. Having leveled several different chars to max level this is actually my first serious tank. That being said, now for the meat of my post. I've always been a keybinder and have %90-%95 of my abilities key bound. There's a few abilities I'd like to get key bound but I'm having trouble finding a suitable spot for them. So what I'm looking for is for you guys to give me some examples of your keybinds. As an example I'm looking for something like:1) devastate2) SS3) revenge 4) chargeQ) SBarSh+Q) SBEtc etc. just looking to pull some of you more seasoned tanks habits.

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    With all keybinds, regardless of class, I like to consider what I need to reach quickly, and what I will use frequently. Being a mouse turner and using forward, backpedal, and strafe keys only, frees up two more. In my case I have 1-5 bound, as well as q, e, r, f, t, g, v, c, x, z, and shift variants on a few of them with s+e, s+r, s+f getting a lot of use. I know others who use ctr with keybinds as well. Myself, I don't reach ctr well/consistently enough for it to be of use. I also use the f keys for various things. Stances, raid markers, potions, etc.. Having a mouse with extra buttons on it is very helpful as well. I have 4 thumb buttons on mine, although there are some out there with even more. It really boils down to what you're comfy with/what you have muscle memory developed to.

    On mine specifically, I always have charge/intercept on 1. Interrupts are always 4 and s+f. e is always my rage builder. q and s+e are rage dumps. f is cleave/swipe. z, c are a heath/dmg redux cooldown. From there the abilities vary since a play a bare and a warrior, but I like to keep consistency between the two for memory's sake.

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    I just use macros with QWERASDFZXCV + shift and alt
    Plenty of keys for what I need.

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    1 shield bash
    +Shift : Battle Shout
    2 Disrupting shout
    +shift : Commanding Shout
    3 Heroic Leap macro
    +shift : demoralizing Shout
    4 shield block
    +shift : Shield Barrier
    5 intimidating shout
    +shift : Rally Cry
    Q Impending Victory
    +shift : Berserker Rage
    e Taunt Macro
    +shift : mass spell reflection
    r Spell reflect
    +shift : reply to last message
    g Charge/intervene Macro
    +shift Disarm macro
    h shield slam
    +mocking banner/reclessness macro
    z mount / dismount
    +shift water strider
    x Shield wall / last stand / trinket macro
    +shift potion/lock cookie
    c heroic strike
    +shift cleave
    v devastate
    +shift execute
    Mouse thumb 1 revenge

    Almost every hotkey i have is macrod so that i only need to push one button to get at least 2 different results. for example, G is hotkeyed to my charge/intervene/disarm macro. On a hostile target it will charge, if my target has selected a friendly as it's target it will intervene them. If i mouse over a friendly it will intervene them, if i mouse over a hostile it will charge them. The mouseover rule has priority over the friendly intervene to prvent me from accidently intervening a friendly on a pull. If i hold shift and push the G key it will disarm my target, if i hold shift while mousing over a target it will disarm them.
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    here's my post from the WoW official forums. hope this helps!

    * * * * *

    hopefully you can get some good ideas from my binds and macros. i've listed all my macros at the bottom.

    for someone like me with shorter fingers, it's tough to reach beyond 5 reliably. as a result i make heavier use of ctrl-alt-shift modifier combinations, and macros to tie some abilities together, but **without** taking away my ability to choose what i want to do (example: people used to macro shield block into shield slam, which takes away your ability to choose when you want to shield block).

    i use a microsoft wireless laser keyboard 7000. the keys are short-throw and hitting alt- combinations is viable since the spacebar doesn't get in the way. other keyboards may not offer this economy.

    i also use a logitech m500 wired mouse. nothing at all fancy. the thumb buttons are used for vent, although my officer bind doubles as "set focus" in game. i've made a lot of "scroll" macros that don't limit my ability to zoom in & out in-game by using modifiers.


    ` - taunt
    1 - MACRO: charge / shield slam / intervene
    2 - MACRO: devastate / victory rush
    3 - MACRO: heroic strike / cleave (see keybind for alt-2)
    4 - MACRO: revenge / execute
    5 - shield block
    r - thunder clap
    t - battle shout
    f - MACRO: bladestorm / shockwave / dragon roar
    g - berserker rage
    z - shield barrier
    x - heroic leap
    v - demo shout
    mouse forward thumb button: MACRO: set focus
    alt-` - heroic throw
    alt-1 - pummel
    alt-2 - toggle next action bar *
    alt-3 - ExtraActionButton1 (yes, this is still a wrist-twister)
    shift-r - spell reflect
    shift-t - FREE BIND (set depending on fight; used for custom macros or special abilities like Piercing Howl, Mass Spell Reflect, etc)
    shift-f - intimidating shout
    shift-g - racial ability
    ctrl-v - MACRO: vigilance
    f1 - shield wall
    f2 - last stand
    f3 - rallying cry
    f4 - healthstone
    alt-f1 - demo banner
    alt-f2 - MACRO: enraged regeneration (/cast enraged regeneration; macro'd so it doesn't fall off my bars when i untalent it)

    alt-scrollup - MACRO: bloodbath / storm bolt / avatar
    alt-scrolldown - recklessness
    alt-scrollclick - skull banner

    shift-scrollup - trinket 1
    shift-scrolldown - trinket 2
    shift-scrollclick - symbiosis

    ctrl-scrollup - berserker stance
    ctrl-scrolldown - battle stance
    ctrl-scrollclick - defensive stance

    ctrl-shift-scrollup - shattering throw
    ctrl-shift-scrollclick - mocking banner



    1) Shield Slam, a pretty good one-button macro that works differently depending on context.

    #showtooltip Shield Slam
    /cast [harm] Charge; [help] intervene
    /cast Shield Slam

    2) HS/Cleave. this one casts either HS or Cleave, depending what actionbar you have toggled (i.e. the 1-6 bars you can cycle through on the main interface bar).

    #showtooltip [actionbar:1,3,5]Heroic Strike; Cleave
    /cast [actionbar:1,3,5]Heroic Strike; Cleave
    A NOTE HERE: the basic idea is to make a way to "toggle" between heroic strike and cleave on one button. there are a few ways to get that type of perceived functionality, even without macros and using the default interface.

    my macro works because i use Bartender4 (addon) to disable all actionbar swapping on all bars. i set up my main actionbar with the macro, and set my "toggle next actionbar" keybind to ALT-2. when i hit that, nothing happens since BT4 has it all disabled, but since the variable in the game IS changed the macro picks up on that and changes the button's functionality.

    a simpler way is to set up your actionbars 1 and 2 to be identical except HS and Cleave, then leave the rest of the bars blank. now "toggle next actionbar" will only cycle between the actionbars that have anything on them. ta-da.

    3 and 4) simple modifier swaps for button economy. hold shift you see one thing; otherwise you get the normal prot binds.

    #showtooltip [mod:shift] Victory Rush; Devastate
    /cast [mod:shift] Victory Rush; Devastate

    #showtooltip [mod:shift] Execute; Revenge
    /cast [mod:shift] Execute; Revenge

    F, alt-scrollup) Tier 4 and 6 Talent Macros. these abilities get swapped all the time - why should i have to use several buttons, or have to re-drag these buttons down every time? the caveat is that you have to run the macro at least once to make it show what it is; if you have no enemy target, it'll just change the macro without casting the spell.

    /run local g=GetSpellInfo SetMacroSpell("Macroname", g"Bladestorm" or g"Shockwave" or g"Dragon Roar")
    /stopmacro [noharm]
    /use Bladestorm
    /use Shockwave
    /use Dragon Roar

    /run local g=GetSpellInfo SetMacroSpell("Macroname", g"Avatar" or g"Bloodbath" or g"Stormbolt")
    /stopmacro [noharm]
    /use Avatar
    /use Bloodbath
    /use Stormbolt

    ctrl-v) Vigilance. just a simple macro that allows me to cast Vigilance normally, or off an enemy target (example: putting Vig on a tank without taking my target off the boss).

    #showtooltip Vigilance
    /cast [help][@targettarget,help] Vigilance; Vigilance
    You never go full Rickotron.

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    I use a Logitech G510 and a Cyborg MMO7 so I have more buttons than your standard kb/mouse. I also despise using modifiers, which is the primary reason for this.

    1 Taunt
    2 Dev
    3 SS
    4 Revenge
    5 HS/Shift Cleave
    6 Execute
    T Thunderclap
    R BB/Dragon Roar
    F Victory Rush
    ` Shout/B Rage
    Mouseup/down Shield Block/Barrier
    Various mouse buttons: Charge, HLeap, Intervene and Banners
    G-Keys: Disarm, Spell Reflect, Interrupts, Healthstones and any other less-used stuff
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