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Thread: Need help in starting raiding.

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    Need help in starting raiding.

    Hey need some advice on how to begin some casual raiding progression. Whaat I mean is that I need to find a guild who has a raiding team who raids casually or for alts. It should be noted, that apart from casual pugs in WOTLK and karazhan in BC I have not have not raided properly since then outside of LFR. I have seen either a PST or weekly marmot lore has done on getting into raiding or a raiding guild. Some advixe on the matter or a point towards that topic would be appretiated.P.S' What EU realm has a nice raiding community Alliance side?

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    Well firstly, when looking to step up your game-play to the next level, the most important thing to know is: Knowledge is Power. So basically, knowing how to GEAR* and PLAY* your class effectively in diverse situations, and knowing fight mechanics/strategies is key. Luckily the internet is at your disposal for that.
    ** stat priorities, glyphs/talent choices, rotation, full gems/enchants

    Now, as to how to get into a guild, obviously it's going to be a little difficult to get into a ToT progression raid as somebody who only knows LFR. What I would recommend is pugging as much of T14 as you can, and seeing if you can get yourself into ToT pugs. Even if it's just a group that's looking to go poke Jinrok to death and call it a night, at least you have normal mode experience at that point. Once you have a bit of normal experience you will probably have a better chance of getting into progression runs. Once you have a few bosses under your belt I imagine you would have a pretty good chance at getting recruited to a permanent raid group.

    Now you may be wondering if there's any reason to PuG T14 other than gear that you could potentially replace in LFR, there is. You meet people. In my experience, preforming well in the T14 raids, even though it's old content, is a good and more easily accessible way to become a presence in your servers raiding community. I'm not saying you'll build a reputable reputation server wide, but you can easily get added to peoples friends lists, or if your lucky, even recruited to a guild who just happens to be looking to fill whatever role you play.

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    Everything Greg said + if you see someone spamming for RDPS for ToT, throw your hat in as well. I've gotten into casual raiding guilds (read: friendly)a few times that way.
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    just don't let them melee you up the bum.

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    Practice, practice, practice. Get your DPS to the point where you can be in the top 10 in LFRs consistently, or somewhere in the 60K plus range, whichever comes first. 60K seems to be the benchmark for ToT LFRs, so strive for that. Then hang around on the Isle of Thunder for people advertising in General for Nalak bodies. Kill the meter as best as you can (flask and potion if you need to), then find the person who was lead and ask if they're recruiting. For a raid leader, anyone who makes a good showing in a PuG is possible raiding material. Anyone who stood in the fire and died a lot, or wiped the group, or pulled 15K? Not so much.

    Do not ask in Trade if someone is looking for an end-content raider until you feel confident in yourself to make a good showing. Do jump into 'mog runs and sub-90 mount/achievement runs if someone is asking, because you get the chance to be in a no-risk, low pressure situation and get to know people on your server. If the raid leader of said runs seems nice, add 'em to your friends list. If they're a jerk that swipes the mount and yells at the raid for no good reason.... you know a guild you don't want to be in.


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