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Thread: PST - Episode 120

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aggathon View Post
    I think he's saying that if you raid you'll do things that you wouldn't normally do (that are involved with the quest chain) and those things will generate enough money to pay for an extra gem. And if you're complaining about having to valor cap every week or not having enough gold that you're not really trying and shouldn't be a hardcore raider...

    or... something...

    I think that's what I'm taking from it.
    Yeh but that still doesn't remedy the fact that you are forced to be at LEAST 7 weeks on that particular part of the chain before you can even think about progressing it through ToT...

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    But thats questing isn't it? i mean i wouldn't normally kill bears for bear asses unless i had quest to collect bear asses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lore View Post
    I farm all of those myself anyway
    Well yes, so do I. But the point is that there are (a lot) of people who don't want to do that. Or at least have the option to slack for 2-3 weeks and buy it from the AH then. But there is many other things, like no random Arena teams, no rBG teams, no 'mmo feel' and CRZ does not help with that if you are on an RP-pvp server like me.

    Anyway I am not saying you don't make valid points but I feel like it's hard to understand the full grasp of those things when you haven't lived them.

    Oh okay random example that pops in my head, in the weekly marmot you refer to the isle of thunder rares and 'call out to the people in the zone to come kill it'. I tested it on a weekday and sunday, in 3 hour intervals. Most that I ever got was maybe 5-6 people in the zone. It works but it's not really an mmo

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