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Thread: [H] [Area-52] [10 man] 8/12 <Offensive> LF Mage/Warlock

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    [H] [Area-52] [10 man] 8/12 <Offensive> LF Mage/Warlock

    Recruitment for core group is currently closed, we are currentlyaccepting applications
    for backup raiders, and or people for a 2nd raid team.
    Check out videos of our kills here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Erodralda

    Raid Times: Core Group
    9PM - 12AM EST

    12/12N ToT
    4/4N ToES
    6/6N 1/6H HoF
    6/6N 4/6H MSV

    In-Game: Laborum
    BattleTag: Bilk#1195

    Apply @ http://www.offensive-a52.com

    Now 9/12 ToT as of 4/1

    Now 10/12 - 4/8

    Now 11/12 4/16

    Now 12/12 4/22
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