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Thread: [H] <Call of Cthulhu>, Moon Guard, Seeks Warlock!

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    [H] <Call of Cthulhu>, Moon Guard, Seeks Warlock!

    Call of Cthulhu is seeking a dedicated Warlock or plate DPS to round out our 10 man group. We're a Semi-Harcore, mature guild that is 16/16 in T14, and are currently working on Throne of Thunder (1/12 as of this post). Raid days and times are T-Th 9:30pm-12am central (Server). Raiders are offered repairs, flasks, and feasts, as well as help with gemming and enchanting. Please see www.cocmg.guildlaunch.com for guild info, and feel free to contact Tamino (Tamino#1762) in game.

    Thanks for your interest!
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