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Thread: [A-Stormrage] <Journey> 10man Saturday Only Raiding! Recruiting DPS

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    [A-Stormrage] <Journey> 10man Saturday Only Raiding! Recruiting DPS

    About Us:

    We are an Alliance end-game raiding guild who have been together since the end of The Burning Crusade (Check out 6 pages of boss kill pics on our website here: http://www.journeyguild.com/gallery/...7595&gid=59090). We took a break from raiding at the end of Cataclysm, but have recently returned to MoP, this time as a 10man Saturday-only raid team.

    We are currently looking for a few more quality DPS players to join our Saturday raid team. Whether you're an old veteran (most of us have raided since Classic) or are relatively new to WoW, if you're looking for a consistent, focused, mature, progression-oriented raid group on a one-night a week schedule, we have a spot for you!


    Raid Schedule:
    Saturday 8-11:30pm EST

    Recruiting as of 3/31:
    1 Melee DPS
    1 Ranged DPS

    Progression as of 3/31:
    Tier 14: 13/16
    Tier 15: 2/12

    We value mature, skilled players who pay attention to detail and are quick on their feet. If you're interested, feel free to send me a PM here on Tankspot or email me at Journeytank@gmail.com for more info.
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