Are you an adult raider with better than average skills?
Do you meet your comitment to raid yet find yourself not progressing because others do not?
Have you had to change guilds more than once in your time as a raider and are looking once again because your guild either imploded or has slowed down to a crawl?

Do you just want a stable home to raid in with mature players who take their three hour raid time seriously enough to get the job done?

If any of this describes you then break your endless cycle of hopping from guild to guild in the hopes that this time will be the one.

We are Judgement and Alliance based guild on Antonidas server.
We have been successfully downing all normal mode content since 2004.
Although our roster may change from expac to expac our core leadership has always adjusted to meet the demands of new content.

We are not at risk of imploding. We are not populated by imature little children. We are just a solid raiding guild that has stood the test of time while we have watched other "uber" guilds come and go.

We run multiple raid groups with times based on current guild population and demand.

If you are finally ready to move to and suppor the last guild you will ever need then contact us.

inj#1944 is my battle tag.

you can also hop in our mumble for a quick chat at:

Judgement mumble
username of your choice
port= 60526
password= whopper

there is generally someone on between 10am and 11pm EST.

Great raiding to you