I was out looking for a raiding guild (no I am not looking anymore) and I inquired with various guilds, both in my realm and outside. I will not mention any by name, but there are some pretty bad guilds out there. By bad, I mean vulgar, racist and disrespectful. What surprised me is that some of these are top raiding guilds. So I stepped back and looked at what I was doing.

The guild I am with has people and not entirely geared for Panderian 10 man, but they are good folks and seem committed to building a raiding team. I am sure there are many others like me who just want to join a seasoned team, once you are leveled up enough and learn the ropes from pros.

Then I stepped back and realized that starting and learning with the group can be a much more satisfying experience. Sure it will be hard and require research on the raids, but the GM is sharp and not quick to lay blame.

What clued me in on why this site is so good, was the way Lore handled a question regarding a "bad player".

Just knowing the mechanics of raiding is one thing. Being good with people is a far more important trait.

This site made a true believer out of me.