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Thread: [A][25m][Kel'Thuzad] Severity Gaming (Tu/W/Th 6-10 MST)

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    [A][25m][Kel'Thuzad] Severity Gaming (Tu/W/Th 6-10 MST)

    Server: US-Kel'Thuzad
    Website: www.severitygaming.com
    Voice Server: Ventrilo by Darkstar LLC

    Possessing leadership with a combined total of over 15 years of successful gaming management, Severity Gaming hopes to provide paramount play to those who fit its requirements. SG-WoW is part of a multi-game community of casual, semi-elitist, and elitist players. Each game title we have a stake in has both an official "Severity Gaming" team and a general community associated with it. Our communities are structured to provide gamers with well-maintained web services and a constructive environment to help facilitate unique and enjoyable gaming experiences.

    25m Raiding | Tues, Weds, Thurs (6-10pm MST) | Loot Council
    Contact: Delacour (Delacour#1483), Zendrix (Zendrix#1392), Serrias (Siriusa#1503)
    Application: http://www.severitygaming.com/mop

    Current Progression Status (Last Updated: 03/08)
    T14 Heroic: 6/16
    T14 Normal: 16/16
    T15 Normal: 6/12

    Classes of Interest - 490ilvl+ Only

    Death Knight:
    Frost - High, Unholy - Med (Viable OS Required)
    Moonkin - High, Restoration - Med, Feral Car/Bear - Med (Viable OS Required) [Immediate opening for bear]
    Beast Mastery - Med, Survival - Med (Viable OS Required)
    All specs - High (Must be able to play all specs competitively)
    Windwalker - High, Mistweaver - High (Viable OS Required)
    Holy - Low, Retribution - High, Protection - High (Viable OS Required) [Immediate opening for Protection]
    Shadow - High, Discipline/Holy - Low (Viable OS Required)
    Combat - High, Assassination - High (Viable OS Required)
    Enhance - Med, Elemental - Med, Restoration - High (Viable OS Required)
    All specs - Med (Must be able to play all 3 specs competitively)
    Fury - Low (Prot OS Preferred)
    When we do not clear an instance within our normal 25 man raid week, we do go back in on off-nights as a 10 man to continue pushing progression bosses. Thus the additional progression in the 10 man format. This group is selected based upon who is available during off-nights, and group composition with the available raiders. This off-night group is not mandatory by any means.

    As always, our raid spots are competitive in nature. We do not recruit for a bench. With this being said, all applicants are encouraged to apply. If you are able to prove yourself to perform better than one of our current raiding members, you will replace them. If an applicant proves to perform better than you, then you will be replaced. This is the nature of a competitive raiding group.
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