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Thread: Bad Players DPS Guide to LFR Horridon - RielthasKildogg (Badplayer03)

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    Bad Players DPS Guide to LFR Horridon - RielthasKildogg (Badplayer03)

    This is my guide to LFR Horridon for Casuals who just want to get through the encounter successfully
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    Hi Rielthas!

    I've gone ahead and embedded the video into your post. If you need to know how, it's relatively simple:

    Just copy the address, then click on the video reel. (If you mouse over it, it'll say Insert Video as a pop-up). A menu will appear and ask you to put your URL. Once that's done, click ok and it'll allow you to embed the video onto the post.

    Hope this helps! =)

    EDIT: Embedded the link for your two other guides for you, as well!

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