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Thread: 5.2 Druid stat priority?

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    5.2 Druid stat priority?

    Any assistance on this or are we gonna stay with a crit build just for crazy rage?

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    Didn't we math out that in terms of pure RPS Haste>Crit, I can't really see any of the bear changes thaat would change druid tanking much.
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    Hunters, Just get a Sporebat, most LFRs will be missing that buff.

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    Stick with crit for the time being, IMHO. General feeling of what the changes are is that it'll make the Mastery-heavy bears a chunk less squishy, bears that reforge away from Mastery a little less squishy, and the SotF change will make the people who are Maul-happy a little less squishy.

    Maul-happy defined as: I've been seeing a lot of LFR bears eschew SD and FR at all for Maul, thinking that the Tooth and Claw debuff is as good as SD/FR usage. It isn't. I've done apples-to-apples comparisons by tanking the same boss on consecutive weeks (Tayak, Will of the Emperor, and others) favoring Maul over SD/FR, and I take anywhere from 5% to 10% more damage due to more melee strikes landing. It has the side benefit of giving you another damage source on the DPS meters, since Maul isn't on the GCD, but at the cost of making it nigh impossible even with a heavy crit build to do both Maul and SD/FRs consistently.

    A SotF pick will give you more rage per Mangle (10, up from 7) meaning that 6 Mangle hits = 1 SD/ full FR, and 3 Mangle hits=1 Maul, all crits removed for the purposes of the exercise. But the damage cost from not having Incarnation is likely a loss, especially with the Nature's Vigil 'buff on time/debuff on damage' change.

    Stay tuned. I'll update the guide likely after I play with the thing enough to get a feel for it.

    And we got from Simcraft that Haste is 94% as good as Crit, and depends heavily on whether or not you have a reliable source of Melee Haste in your group (I don't. >.<)


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