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Thread: shadow vs affliction

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    shadow vs affliction

    hello folks. i most recently leveled my last alt, a shadow priest. i am very used to affliction and reapply dots based around buffs, to keep my question short and sweet, does the same rule apply to the "snap shot" of your stats to apply to your dots? mainly thinking of how and when to apply dev. plauge. however is it a dps loss to wait for certain procs to align to apply the dot vs pumping out as many dev plauges as possible. second part of my question relates to the rework to Insanity. how do you think it will effect the same idea of snap shotting of stats. will it be worth it to get dots out faster and pray for procs for mindflay? thanks in advance for your comments and ideas.

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    I too have been lvling a priest as of lately, and i have just reapplied my dots as they where falling off or when trink with int/spellpower proc (even i literally just applied them before they fell off) Ie. dots falling of VT WoP (trinket procs with int/spell) reapply the two. and with the change to the mind spike glyph and the from darnkess comes light talent. it seems our talents have shifted around a tad in 5.2 http://www.wowhead.com/talent#phZ| seems like it will be the ideal max dps according to some sims but halo will prob be keep for a raid heal/damag aoe fights.

    latest change iirc to mind flay to proc insanity is DP has to be on the target. soo do we keep orbs or use dp on every orb we get? prob not the later. i usually always recast mind flay also if i get the sp/int boost off trinket. Power fusion + trinket + dp (3orb) + mindflay insanity is going to be good that is for sure since power fusion now increase damage too.

    I feel like SP need a faster way to get shadow orbs, having only two spells that generate em and on only use able at 20% health is kinda lack luster. for sure not gonna sit on any MB waiting for trinket procs.

    it is definetly nice imo that talents change around this patch cause it make playing the class feel like it is new.

    (edit) addin in a talent cal that show dps changes from noxxic http://www.noxxic.com/wow/talents#PrAv!...... i think Divine star and halo will be changed around a bit depending on fights.
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    I'll reapply for Bloodlust but other then that I will not bother. Max/min'ing I don't really know if you should or not. And you will want to pump out as many DP's as possible.

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    Never waste your orbs

    Hey guys

    So i main a Spriest and to answer your question above NO never use one orb your not going to want to waste the gcd cd of MB and the potential damage your missing out on. Remember 33% PER ORB thats a 99% increased mindflay insanity. Also we are not as lucky as you warlocks everytime we get a SP proc/buff or haste proc/Buff you are going to need to reapply your dots everytime. They do not automatically apply. Well i hope that helps enjoy spriest .

    One more thing if you have used DP and if you are haste capped you should be able to use 3 insanity casts but you get a MB proc you allways use the proc even cast allways take orbs over finishing insanity.

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