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Thread: Legendary - Sha LaBeouf

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    Legendary - Sha LaBeouf

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    WoW on the PS4... my 24+ keybind Prot war would be a hell of a lot of fun.....

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    You guys always bring up not understanding who runs scenarios. Doing 1 daily on an alt for 40 jp in 6-12 minutes is not bad. Unless you get one of the SM dungeons for your random, it really is the fastest jp in the game. Way less boring than dailies too. Doing one scenario and one random heroic a day is a very fast way to jp cap.

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    Diablo 3 to consoles, Blizzard and sony want to inflict more pain on people who bought that pile of poo

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    Drag guildies into your scenarios.

    Doing 2 a day over the course of a week is a good 400+ VP and almost 4000 gold for the guild bank, plus another 28-60g per player per scenario.

    It's good if you can drag 2 guildies into them and crank them out in a few mins each. The only problem is they're most lucrative if you do them 2 times a day, but it's usually more convenient to spam them with guildies if you're going for the guild gold.

    I also don't get the dailies for charms complaint. It's just the same as running dungeons for VP when you have all the gear. It's not bad design, it's intended design - there's two rewards on the dailies for a reason.
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