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Thread: Video Making Help

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    Video Making Help

    I'm thinking of making some videos in WoW and was wondering what the best software was. I read through Cider's sticky but it's close to two years old and I'm thinking that things may have changed in that time...or not.

    Is Fraps still the best recording software?

    There's several references to Sony Vegas but there's several packages available on their site. would the "Movie Studio Platinum Suite" suffice? http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/moviestudiopp

    If not what, exactly, does Sony Vegas refer to?

    Any other suggestions for editing and/or recording apps?

    Lastly, what does Lore use? I recall him mentioning it in one of his videos but I can't find it.

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    I don't know about others and what style videos you plan on making but I currently use Fraps for recording. While I doubt it's even close to the best out there, it isn't bad. I use Sony Vegas pro 10.0 which is amazing and for adding the more detailed effects and details to it I use Adobe After effects. Other than that, WoWmodelviewer can also be quite handy.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I tried several apps and Fraps is, by far, the best. The editing program you use is one expensive piece of software...the current version 12 is $600. Other than basic editing like trimming and joining the only feature I can see using is a transition effect of some sort so I may invest $125 in Movie Studio Platinum Suite which has a good number of the features of Sony Vegas Pro.

    So for anyone viewing who may also be thinking of doing videos...not including something as complicated as Machinama...the conclusions I reached are:

    Fraps is the best and most user friendly piece of software and the cheapest.

    For basic editing like trimming and joining video segments Windows Movie Maker is more than sufficient and it's free.

    If you want to add effects like transitions, titles, etc. then I think you'd get the best bang for your buck with Movie Studio Platinum Suite...currently $125 from Sony...or even just Movie Studio at $95 although I think it's worth investing the extra $30 for the extra features of the full suite.

    For those living in the US of A...Amazon has some nice deals on the Sony software. For some strange reason they won't ship out to Canada though.

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