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Thread: The Weekly Marmot - The Future of Pure Classes

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    Quote Originally Posted by delusion View Post
    The important part is that it would be there for people who need it.
    Yeah, there are rogues that need a healing spec too.

    People who "need" a spec not available to them "need" to reroll, certain classes do certain things - I swear only MMOs have this problem. FPS players don't roll up a sniper and then go "HEY THIS DOESN'T WORK WELL AT CLOSE RANGE, DEVS NEED TO LET ME STRAP A SHOTGUN ONTO IT!".

    Quote Originally Posted by delusion View Post
    Out of all of the pure classes Rogues are seeing severely low representation. I believe something drastic like a tanking spec might be necessary to attract more players.
    Blizzard have said before that adding new tanking classes =/= more tanks.

    Tanking requires a certain mindset and desire to play, IF someone wants to tank - they're not going to be sat around playing their ranged dps class waiting for the day that mages get a tank spec, they're going to roll a tank and then, if mages get a tank spec, roll back to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fetzie View Post

    Look at the two pale yellow lines at the top of that chart.
    Top100 is stupid, but the rational one looks pretty much the same and for all the pures except hunters http://raidbots.com/dpsbot/Spec_Scor...11100000000000

    This of course overvalues rogue dps since at least some of the underlying data will have been from bosses where rogues were left on bosses doing less valuable damage (and in the top100 its probably even a greater portion for people just trying to rank) but it looks like the pures are on average doing better than the hybrids as per usual.

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    I've been heroic raiding with my hunter in 10 man and i find im one of the most useful dps in there.

    I'm ranged
    I can provide any buff/debuff or battle rez/lust when needed
    I can switch to aoe spec or single target easily being reforging and gems is the same for BM/surv
    I can perform my full rotation while moving in any spec so i can kite and place myself perfectly
    I've found I am needed for a lot of fights for soaking/MDing/CCing

    So overall i don't think i need a 4th spec and I'm very happy at what i can currently contribute to my raid.

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