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    I've watched videos and read multiple guides on how I "should" be dps'ing on my rogue. But heres the problems I hear about people going assassin because of the single target dps. And on the other hand I hear and see alot of rogues going combat. And for me I've tried both and i really don't see a difference in my overall DPS. Of course combat is more aoe dmg based than single target but when I'm in raids it seems like combat rogues do TONS of single target dmg and aoe. Ive done the reforging I know the rotation but still it seems like I'm just not doing enough..

    Also I see rogue using to slow MH instead of a slow MH and a fast OH. I do not understand that at all since when is that a good idea for combat rogues?

    Here is a link to my rogues arm

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    There are a few fights were combat rogues can use bladeflurry, and it may seem like a single target dps fight, but they're really able to double up almost the entire fight, like protectors in ToES or garalon in HoF.

    Can you give us a bit more information though? Perhaps a WoL log? Fights where you're seeing this issue? You're also logged out with your fishing pole on so we can't see your weapons.
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