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Thread: DK tank having rune problems.

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    DK tank having rune problems.

    Hello, I have been blood tanking since it was changed from frost to blood and i have never had an issue with having to sit and wait on abilities to come off cool down.....there was always something to click so to speak. Now within the past week i find myself attacking a huge mob i have pulled for the dailies and sitting and waiting on something to come off cd so i can continue to kill this huge mob i have. Like i said up until a week ago i was'nt having to wait much at all to have some ability i could use to kill something with be ready. I don't know if i have finally gotton enough gear to mess up my runic power or my rune re-refresh rate or what. It is very frustrating to be able to blow huge mobs up in blood and be at full health up until now and then have something go wrong or something change that u cant figure out and it messes it all up. I guess what i am asking is ..." Is there something i am missing that has messed up my ability to pull those big mobs and kill them without having to sit and wait on something to come off CD. Now i have found it is bleeding over into my raiding and 5 man instance running also and i cant figure it out. Thank you for your time.

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    You should have always have had the occasional empty GCDs as a Blood Tank
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    There is an addon called DKone that can greatly help with DK rotations.

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    Really ought not be "rotating" at all as a blood DK though. At least not on anything that matters.

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    I also find that clcDK and Blood Shield Tracker are my favorite addon combo for dk/blood dk information. clcDK is the rotation helper, which Bov stated should not be used for Blood unless you are on trivial content that you can afford to go for max dps. Blood Shield Tracker is great for tracking your potential heals and shields from Death Strike.
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