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Thread: Call of Cthulhu [H] Moon Guard is looking for a warlock

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    Call of Cthulhu [H] Moon Guard is looking for a warlock and mage or spreist

    Call of Cthulhu (US-Moon Guard) is looking for lock and mage or spreist!

    CoC is currently recruiting a Warlock and Shadow Preist for our semi-hardcore progression 10 man. We are also looking for back ups of all roles for when someone can't make it.

    About Us: We are a smaller guild of friendly, mature players that have fun with each other while progressing through content. Flasks, food,repairs, gems, and enchants are provided for all raiders.

    Raid times: T, W, TH, 9:30pm-12am

    Expectations: We expect you to be on time, prepared beforehand (including reading guides, repaired and being gemmed/ enchanted/ reforged), know your class and role well, and show to 2/3 of the raids each month.

    More info and application: www.cocmg.guildlaunch.com

    In game contacts: Tamino, Immik, Niniava
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