Still seeking 2-3 DPS to solidify our raid roster. We've got a pretty good team. Excellent Healers and DPS, but just looking for the last few players to round it off.

We're one the longest surviving 25 man guilds on Shadowsong. And have raided 3 days a week since 2005ish starting with Molten Core and currently 6/6 6/6 and 4/4 on Normal T14. And the first 2 HC's down on MSV. All on 25 man.

We've been complemented on our relaxed raiding styles, which has been my dulcet tones on Vent over the last 5-6 years. Also generally lack of Drama. We don't get Server Firsts, but then again we don't implode at the first sign of difficulty.

Tuesday, Sunday and Thursday raids 19.30-23.00. Come Join us

Battletag is Tipton#1663. Give me a /w. Or put in an app on our website