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Thread: Help me kill Amber-shaper (normal)

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    Help me kill Amber-shaper (normal)

    Hello, I am new to here so... hello!

    My guild is ready and willing to kill Amber-shaper (Normal) in Heart of Fear. There is a bit of variance in our group, couple dps high, couple low. My main issue is I believe my warrior tank should be doing more DPS. Can you help me?

    I feel too scared to spend my rage on DPS rather than mitigation. Here is our latest world of logs

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Your Hunter (Taiping) needs to up his game, 60k dps is too low, he should be doing 80 (at least).

    Your Elemental players need to learn how to use the new action bar. Taking this attempt as an example: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-df...?s=7904&e=8290

    Destabilize needs to be rolling on the Monstrosity for the entirety of P2. You let it drop off 4 times. If you hadn't let that happen, the phase would have been over long before you wiped.

    Your warrior Itankyu needs to work on his button pressing too. He managed just three applications of Destabilize on the boss in the same time that your Paladin Puredarkness got 5 stacks. Ideally you can get 6 on the boss, which will ensure that the debuff does not expire before the next player is transformed. Same goes for the monstrosity. 5 stacks is good, 6 is ideal. You will need to "drink" a puddle once to get the energy to perform the 6th Destabilize; your raid needs to make sure that the transformed player's health does not go above 20% when consuming a puddle.

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    Fetz, you can go to 7 destabilizes (with 2 struggles) without drinking, and then can break out to interupt the 3rd amber explosion, in 10 man at least.

    @OP, you want to get hit and expertise capped, and tighten up your rotation. Even assuming No SnB proc you're only getting in slighlty over half the Shield slams you be in time you spend on Amber Shaper. You're also slow to react your SnB procsas you're averaging nearly 3 seconds between getting a proc and using it, ideally it should only be 1.5s between getting it and using it. You let a lot of Ultimatum Procs go to waste you got 91 free heroic strikes, you only used HS 20 times. You're aslo very sloppy with using rage, you produced enough rage to fuel 225 shield blocks (or 60 rage shield barriers) but you put up at most 203.

    you want better DPS, Never ever let Shield Slam be off CD, if you can press it you shold be pressing it. IF you get an ultimatum proc make sure you use it, and never let yourself cap out on rage. If you have aggro you should have shield block up or be waiting for it come off CD, only use Shield barrier if somone has told you before the event that they're gonna let an amber explosion through, if you're gonna cap out rage and Shield block is on CD, or its phase 3 and you don't have aggro. With the glyph of HR Shield Block is greater DPR than Heroic Strike.
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    Hunters, Just get a Sporebat, most LFRs will be missing that buff.

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