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Thread: druid bear tanking heroic dungeons

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    Experiment with moving your keybindings to something that suits you. theres no law that you have to move with wasd; I have strafe on the mousewheel tilts and move forward/steer with right+left mousebuttons, I also have an extra button on my mouse to let me back peddle. my left hand barely leaves 1-5
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    You might even find that learning to move with ESDF makes things a lot easier to reach.

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    ya thats ok. like i said im just going to keep rep grinding with my druid since he has the highest rep with all the factions and then just go back to using him to farm herbs. it makes more sence to me that way.

    im prob just going to go back to using my shadow priest as my main and wait in the long ass line up as dps for a heroic q.

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    Have you considered leveling an Arcane Mage?
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    Hunters, Just get a Sporebat, most LFRs will be missing that buff.

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    If you are playing a shadow priest the same way as the druid, I foresee issues there too. More than anything, I find it hard to believe a game is much fun if it is just 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1....

    Obviously, that's a personal preference kind of thing, but it makes me think of the Simpsons episode where Homer uses the drinking bird to type the power plant button over and over and he just sleeps at the desk. I've played a number of games that were very repetitive like that, especially on a smart phone. I've even enjoyed some for a while. None have held my attention much more than a couple of weeks, though.

    Since you stated that you are not raiding with a guild, etc, then to each his own. I just think you might enjoy the game more than you think if you invest a little more into it. With the stresses of learning to have control of all those abilities also comes the satisfaction when you do particularly well at it.
    "he doens't need healing, he doesn't need healing, he doesn't nee-WHAOSHIT!wtf was that man!". Please stop leaning on TDR. -Teng

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    *grins* We don't mean to sound like elitist jerks -- we're really trying to help. We're tanks that enjoy what we do and we have a gut reaction to go EEK when we see someone doing something Very Wrong, and then we try and fix it.

    If you're going to tank you want to do it for the right reason -- namely that you enjoy it and want to get good at it, not that you just want fast queues.

    I can understand not wanting to multitask ten buttons all over the place, because anything that pulls your hands out of position when you've got to watch the screen and track a zillion things at once means you wind up fat fingering keys.

    What spec were you playing before you decided to try your hand at bear tanking? I'm also halfway decent at feral cat DPS these days and can give you some pointers there, too.

    Let me at least help clean up these macros a little bit for you. Since you didn't write them, I'm going to go back to the basics and explain what these are doing.

    Quote Originally Posted by lordviper2300 View Post
    this is the cast sequence macro i have been using. i didnt make it myself. i got it from wowlazymacros

    /castsequence [mod]Faerie Swarm;reset=3 Lacerate,Swipe,Thrash,Mangle
    Okay. This one isn't horribly bad, except that it's not going to take advantage of free Mangles, which are your biggest priority Flashing Button thing to hit -- if you can afford to pull Mangle out of that macro so you can hit Mangle every time it's lit up, do so. The [mod] bit there is that on the initial pull or whenever you hold down Ctrl, Shift, or Alt, it casts Faerie Swarm instead, which is what you want to pull things with.

    /castsequence [mod]Faerie Swarm;reset=3 Lacerate,Swipe,Thrash

    (caveat: I am NOT rewriting your macro to give you the best most efficient macro here - I'm just fixing the biggest problem in it for starters so you can practice hitting Mangle at random points.)

    /cast Incarnation: Son of Ursoc
    /cast Mangle
    /cast [combat]Berserk
    /cast Maul
    /cast Enrage
    /cast Wild Charge
    /castsequence reset=10 Savage Defense,Frenzied Regeneration,Survival Instincts
    Please tell me this isn't one single macro and that you've just listed what you've bound up your keys to across the board (i.e. Incarnation is 2, Mangle is 3, Berserk is 4... etc.) Because casting all of those in a row makes no sense.

    This bit:
    /castsequence reset=10 Savage Defense,Frenzied Regeneration,Survival Instincts

    ...is very broken. Take out the Survival Instincts (SI) at the end. That's a long cooldown emergency button that will lock that button down for 10 seconds (the reset=10) whenever SI isn't off cooldown. Savage Defense (SD) and Frenzied Regen (FR) are almost mutually exclusive since both of them burn up to 60 Rage out of 100. Right now what it does is:
    If you have less than 60 Rage, it does nothing ('spell is not ready yet').
    If you have 60 Rage, it gives you +45% dodge on the first keypress for 6 seconds, and nothing on the second (FR requires rage to use).
    If you have 61 or better Rage, it gives you the 45% dodge, then heals you a little bit depending on how much rage you have (optimum is 60, completely useless is 1) left.

    Here's an example of some of keybinds that I'm using:

    /cast [modifier:alt] Enrage;Mangle

    This is on my '1' key. I only _really_ need Enrage at the start of the fight to get me towards that initial SD/FR at the ready, and the rest of the time, it's my Mangle button right under my fingertips.

    /cast [modifier:alt] Survival Instincts; Frenzied Regeneration

    This is on my 5 key. So most of the time I tap 5 when I need a quick self-heal (but when I have 60 Rage if I can help it), and if I'm really in trouble or know a big hit is incoming in a second or two, I hit Alt-5 instead and that casts Survival Instincts instead. I can also hold down Alt for a moment to see if it's off cooldown yet. Essentially, two of my health-based defensive cooldowns are under the same button.

    /cast [modifier:alt] Barkskin; Growl

    This is on my '=' key. Most of the time I don't _need_ to growl at things once I have aggro, but if I do, I can see how much longer before Growl is off cooldown just by looking at the icon. Again, my damage reduction cooldown is an alt key away, and why it's useful at points is that I'll hit the Alt= (to cast Barkskin) and then = again without Alt (to taunt the boss) so I'm taking less damage as my healers react to the fact that the boss is now hitting someone else.

    * You don't need a /startattack button. Hitting any attack button also starts your autoattack.
    * Hopefully you also have Growl, Renewal (not my favorite talent, by the way), and Might of Ursoc somewhere on your bars?

    More than happy to coach you along the path to being a better bear if you want to work with me on it....

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    Tielyn/Teng this is the reason why I've been coming to this site for years (finally decided to make an account a little while ago and start asking questions). You guys are genuinely trying to help people and not be assholes about it. If this guy just doesnt want to put the time into tanking so be it but you guys have def helped him should he decide to stick it out (which i highly recommend...bear tanking is a lot of fun!!!)

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