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Thread: PST Rapid Fire! Round 10

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    PST Rapid Fire! Round 10

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    I agree, you need to do a series with Xista.
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    I just finished downloading a 22GB data file for the upcoming patch. Looking at my notes about 2 weeks before patch 5.1 dropped we downloaded a 21.5GB data file.

    based on this I would say that February 26 will be the launch date of 5.2

    I would also like to see a show on Xista....in the Darnell style. I miss Darnell.
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    I'm sorry to waste a post but that snowball part was just, the highlight for me, it's a rare thing to have something like that happen in these casts :')
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    There is a Troll Uprising Expansion, I expect there is a Mergl Mergl Mao Mao expansion in there too. They could even do a prequel expansions dealing with the first appearance of the Orcs. The suppression of the trolls. There is a lot of early history that could be made amazing with the phasing technology. I would love to see a "The Murk of Prehistory" expansion which could be a phased and normalized rewrite of Warcraft from the earliest histories........all the way thru "Wrath of the Lich King". Then the number inflation could be addressed and the phasing would allow for some actual change of the scenery for completion of quest chains......

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