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Thread: [H][10m][Kilj'aeden] Forsaken Bacon (Tu/Th 8-11 PST)

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    [H][10m][Kilj'aeden] Forsaken Bacon (Tu/Th 8-11 PST)

    Looking for 1 ranged (priest or lock) and 1 melee dps (prefer rogue or warrior)

    We are a casual guild looking on US-Kil'jaeden for experienced raiders to raid tues and thurs 8-11 PST.

    We are 16/16 normal modes.

    No cocky attitudes, we want reliable people that show up and enjoy raiding.

    We prefer 487+ ilvl and 16/16 experience.

    http://forsakenbacon.us/ to app on forums or PST/mail pfgdruid, itankarenas

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