About Us:

<Intrigue> was created by a group of friends who have a desire to see content and progression with mature and fun adults. We do not censor guild chat or Vent, but ask that you think before you say something. We are currently in a holding position in our raiding due to one Raider and good friend passing away suddenly. We would like to get back on target and make a big push for content and heroic modes in the near future.

What we are Looking For:

DPS: (any two of the following)

Healers: (DPS Off Spec gets you cookies)
Druid (preferred)

Tank: (we have a tank currently who would like to go DPS if possible)
Death Knight

Regardless of these preferences, if you are skilled at your class and are interested, please contact an officer and we will consider your application. We are looking for Enthusiastic members who show up for every raid, are committed, and have a drive to progress.

When we Raid:

Tuesday/Thursday 8:00 -10:30 Server ~ Korgath (central)

Things to Know:

We are brutally honest, we consider it constructive criticism.
Raiding is for gear and progression. Do not apply if all you want is gear.

Who Do I Contact?

On the Forums - Me (Caelishia)
In Game - Caelishia, Yetaur, Pepita, Luugrim

If you do not see any of these people online, but there is a member on in the guild, there is a high chance that they can call one of us to talk to you in game.