Hello Everyone,

Sigil(A)-Lightning's Blade (US) [http://www.sigilguild.net][http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/...s-blade/Sigil] is a 25 man raiding alliance guild that has called Lightning's Blade (US) its home for 8 years. We are currently recruiting members for our casual 25M raid team and are in high demand for healers, but have spots for all classes/specs.

About us:
“Sigil’s primary goal is to provide a community atmosphere, during and outside of raids, which supports friendly yet progression minded players. Players who join Sigil are seen as friends and family, not an avatar. As a group, we raid and play WoW not simply to defeat raid bosses, but because we enjoy to game with each other.”

If you are currently in a 10 man guild, or do not raid at all, and think 25 man raiding may be too difficult, I assure you Sigil is the place to start. We would rather recruit a player based on their personality and work ethic than their skill. We believe that if a player has a team-based personality, the desire and work ethic to learn, we can train them to be a better raider.

Sigil employs a 2-night a week raid schedule for a total of 6 hours a week. This 10-man-like time format keeps our raiders from burning out while still providing sufficient time for progression.

Wednesday, 8-11 pm EST
Thursday, 8-11 pm EST

Sigil employs the EPGP loot system, http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/epgp-dkp-reloaded, to award loot based on recent attendance and loot earned.

We utilize specific ranks to reward raiders. The ranks go from low to high in the following order: Reservist, Raider and Veteran, and are based on attendance and performance.

Why does Sigil run 25 mans?
Sigil has a large group of gaming friends, all of whom have various attendance capabilities. In addition, 25M offers a vast amount of flexibility in terms of being able to get members into raids. Unlike 10M, 25M is capable of masking players who do not have enough gear or haven’t seen the boss before. This feature allows us to bring in reservists and still enjoy a night of raiding with them. Finally, the large amount of loot dropped per raid member ratio gives our raiders a better chance that the specific piece of gear they need drops!

I can’t raid every night, should I still apply?
Yes! The logistics of running a 25M raiding guild is difficult, as one main aspect is handling low attendance due to unforeseen circumstances (bad weather, illness, etc.) As a 25M guild, we like to run with 30 fulltime raiders (raider, veterans, and officers) and about 5-6 reservists. This ensures we always have enough people to raid each night. Please note that even if you do not get into the raid, you still earn EP credit for being on and ready to enter if needed!

I heard that 25M has more “bad” players than 10M, is that true?
We don’t feel anyone is a “bad” player. Instead, we see players having various learning curves. More importantly, 25M has the ability to “mask” these inconsistencies due to the large raid size. A 25M raid definitely has tough logistics to tackle, but the percentage of mishaps is equal compared to 10M (1 player in 10M vs. 2-3 players in 25M).

Does Sigil run any 10Ms?
Sigil does not run any official (EPGP tracked) 10Ms. We do not recruit for it and we do not expect players to run them. With that said, casual, informal, outside of raid 10Ms may take place after the raid week is complete (after Thursday). Again, these are not Sigil run, but may be comprised of Sigil members.

Closing Remarks
If you feel that Sigil(A)-Lightning's Blade (US) may be the guild for you, we encourage you to check out our website at http://www.sigilguild.net. You may also contact one of our officers: Elidion, Mud, or Stimpack. Please note that you will have to apply at the website regardless. Please take the application seriously and provide candid answers, as it is the only information we have about you! =)

Have a great day and best of luck in all of your WoW endeavors!