Guns n Roses
Server: EU-Azuremyst
Server Type: PVE
Faction: Horde
Time Zone: GMT
Contact: Meg#2471

Who are we?
We are a casual guild who setup and have been raiding since Wrath. We're a small sociable group of players with an adult sense of humour, Azuremyst is a low population server with an ally majority.

Who are we looking for?
We're looking for a DPS with a healing off spec for fights where 3 healers are required, preferable a Druid or Paladin, although a Monk or Holy priest with a DPS spec would also be considered. Good class knowledge and previous raiding experience is a necessity, as well as a stable computer and internet connection. Teamspeak is also a requirement, ideally you should have a mic and be able to communicate clearly.

When we raid?
Thurs, Tues

We additionally raid older content (or MSV this tier) on our off nights

Please do not apply if;

You want to be carried.
You don't research your class.
You're too cheap to optimize your gear.
You're too cheap to use consumables.
You're easily offended.
You can't take criticism.