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Thread: Patch 5.2 First Look: Iron Qon

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    Patch 5.2 First Look: Iron Qon

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    Hi Lore,
    I was just curious, do Marmots hibernate? Lol I am only kidding or as they say "Joshing you". You are doing a great job and I appreciate what you do.

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    I have an idea how to handle Unleash flame:
    What if there were always 3 people soaking the flame, and every 2 flames you would replace the one with the most stacks with a "fresh" player without any?
    Like this:
    - One player with 4 stacks, one player with 2 stacks and one player with zero stacks soak two "Unleash Flame"s.
    - Replace the player with 6 stacks with a fresh one
    - Rinse and repeat

    Anyway, this looks like an interesting mechanic, I just hope there is more to it than just ignoring it and dealing with molten overload every 20 sec.

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    I mean every 30 seconds of course. How can I edit my posts?

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