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Thread: blood DK need help

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    blood DK need help

    dear Tankspot users,

    i need a bit help in my guild say more ppl diferent things to me how to set my
    talents and reforging my gear

    my bigest problem is that i as Blood DK that i do to low of DPS what i used of in the WOTLK and Cataclism
    i think i do some thing wrong

    http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Djskin/simple this is my char

    my talents
    Plague leech
    Anti-magic zone
    Death's Advance
    Runic Empowerment
    Forefiend's grasp

    are my glyphs are
    Vampiric Blood
    Death and Decay
    Anti-magic shell
    Foul menagerie
    Horn of winter
    Resilients Grip

    on my last fight in the brawlers guild
    Rank 1 Bruce my DPS was 11263 in my recount meter this was not enough to kill it before bersker time

    hoop that someone can help te te manage this to a right lvl

    look for wards to hearing from you

    yours faitfully,

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    Hate to break it to you but no way you can do brawlers as a blood tank.
    I think i managed to pull off doing the first 5 bosses as blood before i hit a wall. And my gear was much better than yours. I was in full epics. You will need a dps spec to progress in brawlers guild.

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    Brawlers guild isn't a good place to test your DPS as a tank. Most of the fights have relatively low melee damage (and thus you don't get much vengeance) and some specific 'avoid this' mechanics. You can do a fair amount of brawlers guild as blood (but wearing dps gear, provided you have good dps gear) but for many of the fights, a dps spec will be better.

    Was this query just about Brawlers Guild, or were you looking for more general help doing dps when tanking? The latter shouldn't be too hard, as long as you are mashing all your buttons, spreading your diseases, getting plenty of vengeance, remembering to use dancing rune weapon, etc. You might find roiling blood an easier talent for the kind of content I think you are doing than plague leech, but nothing else major stands out from your armory. You could do more dps if you increased your expertise, but that is not necessary for survival.

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