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Thread: Soulriders of the Felwen - Casual 25 man raiding on Shadowsong

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    Soulriders of the Felwen - Casual 25 man raiding on Shadowsong

    We're a steady progressing, slow but sure guild. We've been raiding 3 days a week since MC, trying to avoid any stressful guild drama. We've stuck with 25man raiding in Cata, as we've build up such a nice team over the years. As a consequence we're one of a handful of Vanilla guilds remaining. So if your after a non-cliquey, non-dramary, non-stressy but with steady progression guild - give us a /w.

    About Soulriders
    We're a well established guild, started raiding MC in early 2006, finished BWL and finally downed Twin Emps just before TBC. We've gradually progressed through SSC/TK and finished T6 content on the 8th September, when Illidan fell to the Soulriders. In Wotlk we cleared everything (10/25) and finished on 9/12 ICC HC.

    We're a 3 raid a week guild, 25 man guild with 75%+ attendance required.

    Current Progress
    MSV 6/6 25N
    HOF 6/6 25N
    Endless Terrace 3/4 25N

    Raiding Times:
    Tues: 19:30 (invites) -> 23:00
    Thurs: 19:30 (invites) -> 23:00
    Sunday 19:30 (invites) -> 23:00

    What are we looking for:
    Recruitment is always open to good players, At the moment we are after DPS (Specifically Melee) but with our flexible raid roster we can consider all classes.

    What sort of player will fit in well
    We're after mature players who want a relaxed raiding experience and progress at the same time. 'Relaxed' in that everyone is doing their best. How to apply

    Have a look at our Forums (http://www.soulriders.eu) where you can post an app, or create a char on Shadowsong-EU and /w an officer (Tipton, Bacchanalian, Nemesisx or Lysmachia).

    Or talk to me (Battletag is Tipton#1663)
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