Cymbrogi is a 10 man Horde Raiding guild on Oceania US-Nagrand. We are a tight group made up off people who raided together previously to Mists of Pandaria, and other Newer Players who have joined our Brotherhood Since the Launch.
We are a progression focused guild though we recognize that real life Does take precedence at times. Due to our constrained raiding time we like to push as hard as we can while still having fun. Though we ask that during an encounter you stay focused and to the point, Joking can come after we kill the boss and start killing the trash!

We require all raiders to be self sufficient, this mean getting your own potions flask's and food for raids or materials for them to be made by Alchemist's.
We require a 75% raid attendance from those in the raid team.
We also ask that while gearing up for your main spec you do all that you can within real life restraints to gear yourself through the LFR and Valor point systems.
We also ask that you have a Decent knowledge of your glass and Spec, and are happy to take the time to look up utility web pages that give you the correct Gemming and glyph's and talents for your class/spec.

Raid Times:
We raid three nights a week, Which are:

Wednesday and Thursday 7pm Server time to 10pm Server time (AEDST)

Sunday 5pm server time to 8pm server time.

Currently recruiting:

1x Tank Death Knight, Monk or Druid is Preferred With a viable DPS Off spec! (While we already have a sword and Board Warrior tank we will consider and Paladin Applications)

1x Healer of any class.

2x Backup DPS of any class will be considered.

If you are interested in joining the guild Please contact Myself, either on this character or add ULTRAGD#1605, Vasher, Nixea or Whoods in game for more information.