deathknight (tank),
druid (balance),
paladin (holy),
paladin (protection),
priest (healer),
warrior (protection) ,

About Divergent

We aim to be one of the best progressed 3 day a week 10-man raiding guilds. In doing this, we strive to have a great social atmosphere in the guild, whilst performing at a level that equals some of the best teams and players in the world (or warcraft).

What you get from joining Divergent:
  • A great guild atmosphere
  • Really talented players to play with
  • Progress on a level that is comparable with guilds who spend far more time raiding than we do
When do we raid:
  • 3 days a week: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 19:30-23:30 CET
Our main goal:
  • We intend to be within the top3 of guilds raiding 3 days a week, and have the capability to be in the top 50 in the world (and have proven so in the past).
TL;DR: We want to have the best results possible out of raiding whilst keeping a reasonable schedule, and having an absolute blast at the same time.

What we look for in players when we/if we ever recruit:
  • You need to perform well, and when we say perform well, we mean you constantly try to improve your play and be the among the top of your respective class/spec
  • We would like that you have an alt that you play well (however, not currently mandatory), and that you play your offspec(s) well.
  • Have the right attitude. We don't want e-heroes, or people that moan and drag the raid down, but there's plenty of room for trash talking and trolling each other as well as having a good time. To ensure that you do fit into our group, we will probably chat with you beforehand.
Few other questions that may be asked:
  • Loot: Roll
  • Structure: We don't think there's any need to have officers in a 10 man guild so there are none. Every main raider can type in the officer chat. Trials should be short and sweet, it should be pretty clear if the fit is right pretty quickly.
  • Maturity of players: Everyone is 20+ years old and either working or studying, and all have been playing since at least WoTLK but most even longer.

Recruitment OPEN, still have a question? Speak to Buraan ingame