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Thread: Need help with DPS!!!

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    Need help with DPS!!!

    I need help with my mage DPS. I am frost spec, and I am coming back to wow from a long break. Now that im raiding i feel like I should be doing way more dps with the gear I have. currently I am pulling 45-60k on boss fights with about 110k spikes with all my cool downs poped and hero. Is that about right for my gear lvl or should i be doing a lot more DPS?

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    Frost mage sims very well but hasn't shown up nearly as strong in raid log parses. My ret spec on my pally is about 475 iLvl and does similar dps so it sounds about right to me. I mean, in fights with dps buffs, I can get up to 70-80, but I really don't count those so it kind of depends on the fights you are talking about. Hopefully someone with more frost specific knowledge can chime in.
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