Neolutum recruitment form
(wow progress link)

We are a progression raiding guild on an excellent PvE server, recruiting to keep our raids strong. We are currently open recruiting to prepare for the transition back to 25 mans but plan to continue to host 10 man raids as well. Our immediate needs are below. We've been progression raiding for over 3 years and currently host 2 successful 10 mans and are working on bringing a 3rd up to speed. We have a broad base of friends, family, and retired raiders who provide a warm home for our members, whether hard-charging raider or casual weekend farmer. We provide all consumables, enchants, and optional gear possible for our raiders. We are always happy to recruit socials so don’t bother with the application if raiding isn’t your goal, just PM me here or online.

(Eastern times)
W/Th 7-11 10M (Roll for GM)
- Strong need for a geared/experienced RDPS (Boomkin/Resto would be fantastic)

T/W/Th 7-10 10M (Limitless)
- Strong need for a geared/experienced Paladin/Warrior tank
- Strong need for a geared/experienced Healer

Sa/S/M 11-2:30am (The 3rd raid)
- Open recruiting.