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Thread: BFF Report - Top 5 Most Controversial Games of 2012

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    BFF Report - Top 5 Most Controversial Games of 2012

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    yeah 2012 was kind of a mess
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    Mike B, I've missed you! Welcome back to Tankspot.

    Odd how so much went wrong with D3 that I didn't even remember half of it anymore. The list makes me cringe, point-by-point.

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    In regards to the War Z fiasco Caveat emptor applies as much today as it ever has. However, the seller made material misrepresentations of his product and is therefore liable. Though untangling the web of shell companies will be a mess.

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    Umm what...

    So I'm confused... on the studio38 fiasco. The taxpayers lent the money in the first place. The company defaulted and now the taxpayers have to pay themselves back?? Sounds like politics are double dipping there.

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    I seriously think I'm the only person on the face of the earth who actually enjoyed Diablo 3. :P Very disappointed about them scrapping PvP. But I still have fun doing co-op with friends, to this day. :/

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    Every man and his dog are doing top best/worse/controversial vids but MikeB shows all those slackers (bar TB & AJ) how it is supposed to be done and puts them all to shame.

    Hilarious and incredibly well written vid as opposed to the boring history lessons I have seen on other channels.

    I think MikeB, TB and AJ are miles ahead of everyone else in the business.

    Shame about 38, I thought KoA was a good foundation. If they could have put the best elements into an MMO that really would have been something. Sad that it took this video to remind me of KoA given that in terms of time spent playing it was in my top 3 games of the year and yet I had forgotten about it. A game that came within a cats whisker of greatness but by merely being "good" as opposed to "astounding" had such dire consequences for so many people.

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    So dissapointed with KoA. The game was, well, passable but, R.A. Salvatore's involvement (i have everything he's ever written) was the real reason I bought this game on day 1. I doubt very much that he'll ever sign on to develope another video game after this fiasco.

    Oh btw, excellent video Mike B, really top bar stuff.

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    Miss you Mike B. This was awesome and thanks for the hard work (and good luck with the offspring!)
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    Good write-up on 38Studios by Reason magazine.


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