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Thread: Recruitment Advice for a level 1 guild?

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    Recruitment Advice for a level 1 guild?

    With the advent of SuperGuildInvite, I find recruitment will be easier said than done for me. It's an alt guild, my gm toon is an alt I'm currently leveling, and I'm looking to make it more as alt/leveling guild that exists in honor of my beloved US Army Signal Corps and our rich legacy..so yeah not a serious guild, but I'm not looking to have to struggle with bad players really stinking things up or trying to grief me as a guild master.

    Now SuperGuildInvite might essentially be the fix-all for me, but I have a moral disdain for spam, especially spammed invites, and I prohibit it for my guild so long as I know it can be used to spam people, which anyone with a shred of humanity wouldn't want to annoy their fellow players.

    What would be a good message for me to propogate when I'm passing through various zones to recruit for an alt/leveling guild with the hopes of getting people that play somewhat to help level this guild up?

    I would love to get this guild leveling up, but I'm not wanting to spam invites to every unguilded player, then contend with spam, bad behavior, etc. that would just poison my good intent here.
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    I think that is the same one my GM used. Initially, she was spamming people. Several of us brought up the issues with that and then made her roll a low level unguilded toon to see it first hand. She agreed how annoying it was and started playing with settings.

    Now, I don't know for sure if she continued to use that addon or switched but I believe she was still using that addon. She eventually set it up so that it did not send any message automatically. Instead, it provided her with a list. She could then choose which players to send the message to. If they replied negatively, she placed them in a black list so they would not come up again.

    Obviously, she was also only sending a message and not an invite until she talked to them at that point.

    As to what message to send, just be honest. Tell them what your vision of the guild is and it's goal. It's likely to be slow going since it doesn't sound like you are working toward being a goal oriented guild and you are not high enough yet to have the leveling bonuses but every new guild fights that same problem.
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