Cymbrogi is a semi casual 10 raid guild formed at the beginning of MOP.

We're a pretty straight forward guild - everyone is focused, and no one likes drama. Attendance is generally 100% on raid nights, but not much happens in between. We're looking for one more like minded player for a core spot.

Raid nights -

Wednesday 7-10pm AEST (oceanic)
Thursday 7-10pm AEST (oceanic)
Sunday 5-8pm AEST (oceanic)

Position avail -

A non plate wearing tank, w competent dps OS is preferred.

-- However, the raid group is fairly flexible currently so will move to accommodate the right player regardless of spec/class to some extent.

Hit me up on Afkernohan#6829 or contact Whoods in game on Nagrand (Horde) for more details