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Thread: DK Blood/Frost Recommended Add-ons.

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    DK Blood/Frost Recommended Add-ons.

    I am looking for roughly 10-20 add-ons that would be considered mandatory while in Blood and/or Frost for a DK for raiding.

    As in 5-10 for Blood and 5-10 Frost. Specific add-on names would be very much appreciated.

    Oh and any macro suggestions would be nice as well.

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    Honestly, this question feels like it is trying to shortcut/replace a lot of what goes into learning your class. Despite that, I'll list some I like.

    Tidy Plates
    Tidy Plates: Threat Plates
    VuhDo (click casting Raise Ally as well as watching buffs/debuffs on the raid)
    Elkano's Buff Bars
    Weak Auras

    Blood Shield Tracker (Tracks your blood shield and DS heals as well as a rune display)
    Icehud (easy watching hp/runic power)

    ClcDK - rotation helper

    I use plenty of other addons for bags, bar mods, broker bars, etc, but those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head that specifically help with the DK class.
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    You can use Clique to turn any unitframe into a clickable frame like Vuhdo.

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    Actually...it isn't meant to sound like that at all. I played Blood/Frost from Tier 11-13 raids. Where I then switched over to my pally as my main. I am thinking about going back to my DK but I literally have to redo ALL of the UI as I switched computers since then. What better time than now then to see what people think are the necessary/most optimal choices for DK Blood/Frost specs where add-ons are concerned?

    Thanks for the suggestions. Already have Tidy Plates/Omen/DBM/etc. Was asking for along the lines of what you said with the class specific ones. As in what specific add-ons if any make things slightly easier to keep track of your diseases on target/runes/runic power/etc.

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