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Thread: Prot warrior. Is the cost of hit and expertise cap worth it.

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    Prot warrior. Is the cost of hit and expertise cap worth it.

    Hello fellow tanks,

    I am a warrior tank preparing to raid normal mogu'shan vaults. While gearing/enchanting/gemming/reforging, I checked out a guide that stressed hit and expertise caps in order to have steady rage. While I have reached this goal, I feel that the price as of now is to high. Currently, I am literally reforged and gemmed to meet hard hit and expertise caps. Is this an absurd extreme that requires adjustments to master/stam or am I in the ballpark?


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    You're fine, hit/exp > all
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    Yeah, that steady rage IS your tanking. If you think about it like this, the mastery is only as good as your blocking, and your blocking pretty much only happens when you use shield block. The probability of getting a block without using shield block is dumb low against elite lvl mobs. So, if you keep shield block basically on cooldown, only then is your mastery ie.(crit block chance) worth anything, and you can only keep your shield block on cooldown with steady rage. The stam is only there to survive brutal hits, give your healers more time to respond, and to give you more dps with vengeance.

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    Stamina no longer caps vengeance; outside of not dying it has zero affect on DPS.
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    I'll just pitch in here with my sig so you got even more info on what the best stats are

    hit/exp > sta/mastery > dodge/parry > euhm .... crit > haste for DPS I guess??
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