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Thread: Which weapon for TG off-hand

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    Which weapon for TG off-hand

    I have the Starshatter from 10N for both hands and I have upgraded the MH one 2x. I also have the legendary gem, but I do not have the Shin-ka LFR. We are only on Garalon so it is going to be a long time for Shin-ka 10N. I am trying to decide if I should upgrade my OH Starshatter or wait for to upgrade the Shin-ka LFR + the 500 str gem. Or should I just upgrade the Dominance Offensive trinket. What do you think?

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    Upgrade what you have and need. You never know how long waiting on a drop will take.

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    I am of the opposite opinion. firstly,I was gonna tell you go SMF lol personal preferance. I think that upgrading your offhand wont make THAT much a difference in DPS. I would say you have nothing really to lose by waiting and heck you have the gem. I think you will get the drop 2-3 weeks tops with bonus rolls. Or if you are really desperate just repeat the dungeon with your rolls 3x a week so you get 4x at drop. Word the wise tho, if you are going through Terrance LFR on fury you may just get the 1h to drop -> happened to me. So may have to go in as arms. I would say save your valor points for something worth it. Pool it up and if you find that you are going to reach the roof cap, then use your valor.

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