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Thread: What do I do now?

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    What do I do now?

    Hello I'm Snusawus, and I just have a question and thought this would be the best place to ask since WoW forums are generally just filled with trolls!

    So I left Wow during Cata, and recently came back to Wow this November and have been slowly gearing up to start raiding and what not, but I'm having a problem.. How do I get all this gear?! I'm not rich in Wow I have a hard time even getting gold whilst trying to max out cooking and other things so I can't buy any items off the AH to help me get gear, I've run every heroric many times working to get gear and I have all that and I do LFR every week but I never seem to get much gear, besides Sigils and the wonderful 28G.. I've barely gotten far with my reputation grind chain and I'm finding it harder to even go and do them because it's such little rep per day, and the goal of getting exalted seems to be at least a 3 week grind.. what do I do now?

    With a 470ilvl I don't really have the chance to join many pugs or raiding guilds to get some gear, so I'm lost.. I'm not a complete noob here but I was just seeing if there were any other ways to get some gear, get some gold or anything, because I'm getting frustrated being locked to LFR every week and trying to get into pugs only to be turned down because my gear is too crappy, there is not much I can really do. I play a Elemental Shaman and I even transferred to a lively server to increase my chances of getting into a pug but it's not really working.. any advice from you guys and gals?!

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    Find a guild currently progressing through MSV, guilds are usually less demanding than PuGs.

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