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Thread: Pricing for the "luxury" features in WoW.

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    Pricing for the "luxury" features in WoW.

    Alright, I'm hoping that at least some people will understand the point I'm getting across here.

    Blizzard's pricing model seems extremely outdated for server/faction/etc transfers/etc. I unsubbed from WoW a while back because I have just been unable to find a guild/a group of people that I enjoy playing with. It has come to the point now where I am unwilling to pay $25-$30 just to try to find that group of people on another server/faction. Playing with people that are like minded is what makes WoW entertaining for me. The price was fine back in the day for inhibiting people from just jumping around, but with the implentation of systems such as CRZ, cross realm raids, cross realm dungeons, frankly the price for those "services" (which are all automated btw) is ridiculous.

    I'm just looking to see if anyone like myself feels the same way about their "luxury services" being overpriced. Hell, I'd even like to see the reasons people defend the prices.

    Oh, forgot to mention...a B2P game...not a sub game, only charges $22.50 to transfer ALL of your characters to another realm. *cough* GW2.

    A game that I would be paying $15 a month for, should have it free...but on a timer. If I want to do it while that timer is still counting down...I then have the option to pay to get around it.

    Kind of took a pot shot at WoW, but it deserves it at this point.

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    I share your sentiment, but at this point Blizzard isn't losing enough money on subs lost due to xfer costs to justfy doing it as a business model.
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    I 100% agree. Also, since they don't do anything to alleviate issues when a server dies, etc, you can find yourself on a server much different than it was when you rolled there. At LEAST x-realm mail for BoAs so you can re-roll somewhere else.
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    I don't agree, what i think they should do however is have package deals, alot of us have multi 90's. I don't mind paying.. its only 30 bucks, if i moved a few toons it would be 60-90.. still not a big deal. With how good MOP has been thus far i would pay, for cata.. hell i don't even consider that an xpac.. should of been a free download with contact download patches..

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    I don't agree either; there has to be a penatly/disincentive or you'd have everyone running to servers like Illidan, Proudmore, etc which are already over popluated. I just moved my Pally to Mannoroth, I like it there (PvP server is not that bad so far, kind of fun and good quality or play - pugs that clear content and a few heroics), but I'm not moving my other 9 toons beacuse of the cost - package deal would not be bad. 3 toons $50 bucks or something.

    I think one thing they could do is allow cross realm raiding at an earlier point; after world first, or 75% of realm first; something like that.

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