Guild: Neolutum
Server: US-Turaylon (Horde)
Raid Times: W/Th 7-11 (full), T/W/Th 7-10 (recruiting), new raid: undetermined times
Style: Casual-Core. We aim to progress without being asshats to each other.
Expectations: We need experienced hard mode raiders who can consistently make our playtimes.
Resources: We provide everything but flasks. Trials will have to bring their own.

Here's the deal
We've been raiding since the middle of Wrath of the Lich King. Though the guild has experienced plenty of evolutions since then we're still here and still have plenty of core members. We are happy to host any productive raid and give their leaders full access to our extensive resources but our core raids are progression-oriented. We've had plenty of set-backs this tier (lost nearly a full month) and are looking to climb our way back up the rankings now that we're stable. We're looking to recruit any experienced raiders. Gear helps, attitude helps, attendance helps. Our server is one of the best US-PVE servers left and we're confident we can provide a good home and a good raid for virtually anybody. Either fill out an application on the link above or PM me here directly on Tankspot for further details.