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    As someone who, being exalted with every faction and having the time to spare, has become COMPLETELY enthralled and addicted to pet battles - I cannot express my joy at pet battles giving lesser charms. Everyone in the guild thought I was mad, but I was onto something! No more dailies for me, despite me being sick enough to find dailies enjoyable, provided I'm getting something for them.

    I can't understand why people would think pet battles would become mandatory though, the low cap on charms needed per week make that kinda hard.

    It's 45 dailies a week, or a bunch of pet battles. Even if pet battles was an incredibly lucrative source of charms, the 45 dailies a week is so achievable that if you hate pet battles enough to be offended by them being mandatory, the alternative is so achievable that it's hard to consider the alternative mandatory.

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    It would be cool for a TG warrior to dual-wield the Sun-Lute and the Arcanite Ripper.

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    I'd be happy for charms to continue being exclusive to dailies. I still think that the problem is with the mechanics of the dailies and not the dailies themselves. On paper they are not such a chore but in reality they are not fun.

    I put that down to spending 90% of my time not actually killing anything but rather running around in circles with other players of all factions playing tag.

    I play this game because I like co-operative PVE. Dailies don't deliver that experience. I guess until such time that they do, Blizzard should provide other means by which you can obtain charms and rep. Unfortunately I haven't even tried pet battles and have no intention of starting now.

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    Keep Your Politics to Yourself

    Seriously Gary, please don't assume that all viewers think like you. Wow is no place for you to rant about your political leanings. First, because I don't care and second, because the point you make is silly. Every independent newspaper sent reporters down to Florida to do a hand recount after the Supreme Court ruled and EVERY SINGLE ONE found that George Bush had, in fact, won Florida. In any event, I watch these videos to learn about Wow, not what you think about Republicans and your silly conspiracy theories.

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