Raid Start -
5:00pm - 8:00pm PST
Dora's Explorers
8:00pm -11:00pm PST
Gaata's Killers
10:00 am - 1:00pm weekends

Raid Days -
(expendables) Tuesday-Thursday with pick up days held upon agreement of the team.
(dora's exporers) Thursday, Sunday, Monday with pick up days held upon agreement of the team.
(gaata's killers) Saturday and Sunday with pick up days held upon agreement of the team.

Faction - Alliance
Server - Antonidas
Guild size - 10 man raid - Never recruiting for wait list

About us:
Judgement formed a few months after the Burning Crusade launched on the Antonidas server, and has since been seeing steady progress through 10 and 25 man raid content (during wrath when it was the preferable format), and is looking for a few more dedicated raiders to push us further. We are open to changin our format based on the rewards for the given content of any tier. The raid team has an average age of approx. 30, which brings an element of maturity that you will not find in many "cutting edge" raid guilds. Some of our players including myself have been playing since the inception of this server. Overall we offer a fairly unique and mature environment, all the while being focused on progression through content. We are also one of only 7 alliance guilds on our server to legitimatly complete the prior Dragonsoul tier on heroic.
What we expect from you:

Consistency. Currently concentrating on multiple 10-man teams, we do not over-recruit and look to keep the raiding team around 13-14 players. That being said, we expect you to keep a high attendance. While we do not expect you to skip your family vacation to clear raid content, missing 1-2 days weekly hurts our team, and so if you cannot be consistent, this is not the environment for you.
Intelligence. Given our relatively relaxed raiding schedule, we need to maximize our time in each zone on each night. Mistakes are how we as a group learn new content, but on day two, standing in the fire gets very old and interferes with our progress. We are looking for raiders that are proactive in learning strategies and take pride in their playing ability while remaining able to get overthemselves and not get into epeen issues with other guilds or guildies. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply.

Character. We are looking for players who have fun playing. While we are focused during kills, the majority of us play to relax after a long day. This includes the occasional “that’s what she said” joke, as well as a relatively social environment. If you cannot fit into a raiding scene like this, we probably are not the guild for you.
Skill. We realize that his is "only a game" and that people play it to enjoy what they are experiencing. We enjoy dead bosses. We enjoy dead bosses prior to content being seriously nerfed. If you are not prepared to do the work in order to progress through end heroic content we may not be the place for you.
Team work. Everyone wants a new shiny peace of gear from time to time and the game is designed around character progression which is in part based on the aquisition of new gear. We succeed in part based on wise choices based upon group make up and what is needed to tip the next boss. These choices are made solely for the betterment of the raid team and favoritism plays no part in our raiding. If you are not a team player and think of yourself before the team we are definitely not the place for you.

How to apply:
Go to apply go to and click the “apply to guild” button on the left hand side. Please follow instructions and answer the questions to the best of your ability. Try to be completely honest and remember that no one question save age is a disqualifier. If we like your application, an interview on mumble will be conducted, in order to ask a few follow-up questions and any questions we had about your application.
If you would like to chat prior to filling out our application or simply want to clarify some of the questions please feel free to Real ID me at
Thank you for your time and great raiding to you!
Founder of Judgement