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Thread: Prot warriror tank feels squishy

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    Prot warriror tank feels squishy

    So I just server transfered and joined a guild. We are currently getting up to Garajal. My only probelm is I feel like I am taking to much damage. I'm not sure what all else I can do. I am rotating cooldowns. I am using Shield Block/Sbar at 60 rage depending on the situation. Anyone got any tips?

    Here is my armory.


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    You're going for stam too early. You're way under expertise cap, you're probably getting parried all the time. That will help a lot. Also, as a warrior you should use the % block meta (Eternal Primal Diamond), it gives slightly better mitigation with shield block.

    So ya... get more expertise, that should allow you to get to 60 rage faster and keep sblock up faster. That and just more ilevel should help.
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    So my stat weights should be Hit(7.5%)=Expertise(15%)>Stamina>Mastery>Parry>Dod ge?

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    Parry = Dodge from gear (You should get enough Strength as base stats on there to equal DR returns on them)
    Stamina vs Mastery is a choice depending on gear, raid format, healer setup/competance and raiding difficulty. Generally, I gem for Stamina + Expertise/Hit hybrid gems with Mastery/Stamina once they are capped and a trinket of each stamina/mastery when possible.
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    The Stam vs Mastery is a judgement call. A very rough rule of THumb would be that if you're doing 10mans Mastery>Stamina if your doing 25s Stamina>Mastery. in reality it changes very much on a fight by fight basis, the ration of SB uptime vs Sbar uptime, if its a taunt swap or not or if the "killer damage" is blockable. For Garajal, where tank damage is mirrored I personally would go Mastery since tank damage is not particularily high but having good TDR will make the dolled DPS a dman sight easier to heal than EHP.

    I run with exp in reds exp hybrids in blues and yellows and just swap trinkets depending on whether i value TDR or EHP for a fight for garajal i use doiuble mastery trinkets, for elegon i used double stam trinkets, when i'm getting to know a fight i'll use 1 of each.
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    i think warrior is great now compared to cata, last night at will the other tank(DK) take 5 million more damage than me, 1,9mil and 1,4mil
    and i am topping dps chart (82k)

    never go full stam imo, hit and expertise must be capped or atleast near cap
    i dont have any stam gem on me

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