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Thread: [H] Mal'Ganis <Burn Phase> is currently recruiting ranged DPS

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    [H] Mal'Ganis <Burn Phase> is currently recruiting ranged DPS

    [H] Mal'Ganis <Burn Phase> is currently recruiting ranged DPS
    Current Raid Times
    Progression Group - 10man:
    Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8:30pm-12:30am (Sever Time/CST) 12 hrs per week:
    This group is progression focused; players are expected to perform at a high level, handle advanced mechanics well and have an outstanding grasp of their class and spec and how that can be put to maximum effect in a given encounter.

    Current Recruitment:
    We have an immediate need for ranged DPS specifically a Mage. Although other classes and specs played by the right person will be strongly considered.

    Additionally we welcome all classes and specs into our guild on a social basis.
    Please see the; Who we are Looking For section for more information for potential candidates.

    About Burn Phase:
    Burn Phase is centered around our raid group. We may not raid 40 hours a week due to jobs and RL schedules but we take our raiding seriously. We don't aspire to be a server first or a US top 100 guild, but we do strive to clear content at a reasonable pace.
    We use Vent for in game communication. We provide our raiders with flasks, feasts, gems, and enchants. We also provide crafted gear to our raider based on need, availability and the players performance and reliability.

    Who are we:
    We are a small raiding guild with a diverse roster of gamers who like to get together and kill stuff. We are a mature guild primarily made up of people in our mid 20s to mid 30s although we do have a few folks both older and younger than that. Most of the players in Burn Phase got their start in WoW in either Vanilla or early BC and bring a lot of experience to the table. We're by nature a fun bunch with lots of teasing, dirty jokes and pranks pulled on a regular basis.

    Our raid team is an extension of our collective personalities with plenty of joking and fun through the trash pulls and in between bosses. During boss fights and especially during progression however we get serious. All of our raiders are expected to know their class, spec and role in the fight. Anyone not performing gets called out and that goes for everyone from the raid leader to the newest member of the group.
    We raid because we like raiding. To us experiencing new content and killing bosses is why we play this game. Loot is a means toward that end and not the reason we raid.

    Who we are looking for:
    We're looking for mature, reliable raiders who understand that if they miss a raid they are affecting 9 other people and find that unacceptable. Who research their class and perform their role at a high level. We want raiders that can take feedback, who are tough enough to be called out for making a mistake and respond by getting better not by making excuses or pointing the blame at someone else.

    Particularly for raiders aspiring to join our progression group excellence is expected. Everyone in this group is expected to know their class inside and out. We also expect a reliable internet connection with a computer that can handle the content without issue. Due to the small size of this group attendance in this group is extremely important and missing raids is something that is expected to happen only on extremely rare occasions.

    We want raiders who understand that loot is not something worth getting mad about. Drama over loot is not tolerated.

    Finally we're looking for people who can take a joke and give as good as they get, who just like to hang out play WoW and have a good time.

    Joining Burn Phase:

    Anyone interested in joining our progression raid team needs to fill out an application on our website, www.burnphaseguild.wowstead.com and go through an interview to ensure we're right for you and you're right for us.

    If you have questions feel free to contact Palthus or Meene in game for more information.
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