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Thread: PST Rapid Fire - Round 2

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    PST Rapid Fire - Round 2

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    I used to use 'at war' to kill off the neutral AH auctioneers prior to using it to transfer items cross-faction with 2 accounts.

    Now they're too hard to kill but it used to be a safety thing to kill off the auctioneers you weren't using to reduce the chance of being sniped.

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    You're missing out by not being progressed through the 5.1 daily / quest / story arc.

    Never thought I'd find myself thinking "lor'themar for warchief", but blizz pulled it off. It only starts getting good at around revered, but with the commendation resulting in increased rep, thus more frequent "story" quests, it kicks it to 11 for the remainder.

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    I'm working through it, just slowly
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    Not sure how much control you have over this, but the Youtube embed is flashing goldselling ads at me, ($1.4/1000G, FAST DELIVERY!) which are of course the Devil.

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    I unfortunately have no control over that whatsoever. We don't determine what ads Youtube accepts. We can block them as they arise, but we have to block them at the URL level (ie: where it links to) and goldsellers are too smart for that; they make new URL's almost daily. By the time we can block one URL, they've already switched to another one.
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