Hello: Let me go over what Iím looking for so we donít waste each otherís time as I have been an officer and or recruiter in a few guilds before and having youíre time wasted, that sucks so here it goes. I also have no desire to do that ever again so you have my respect.

Balance/Restoration Druid looking for raiding & PVP guild! What Iím looking for is a home where I can raid with cool people and not have to pug for RBGíS.To me it seems like a vast majority of our community is settling for either a guild that suites one or another of their needs as I have for far too long. So as of now I have taken out all my characters from every guild affiliation, until I find the right place that has everything Iím looking for. No issue filling out apps and transfer can be completed immediately. Availability is pretty wide open across time zones in the evening all week and server time zone is a non-issue.

About me: I play to win and whatever it takes though I have been raiding since the end of BC I have finish every tier heroic content with few exceptions as you can see by my armory. I also finish every x-Pac with multiple WOL ranked parses, though I could really care less as a balance druid right now with much more important duties to the raid than topping meters. I am currently 16/16 normal and have 3 HM kills. Here is a link to my wow-heroes page as I will use my armory for my PVP link.

I have full malv except two pieces including accessories both resto and balance though I prefer resto, I will only be missing one piece by weeks end and also upgraded T1 weapon. My CR is right above 1700 though I would be much higher if I would have not given away about 15 games with god awful pugs, hence the desire for a full time group. Currently have no arena groups.

-Alliance ONLY Ė (Horde hater#1) I would rather delete my account than play Horde.
-Must have guild RBGís I can at least try to make the team. In other words Iím not looking for just a PVE or PVP guild I would like both.
-Be clearing normal modes in current tier as of now, if youíre not clearing normal yet Iím sorry.
-Looking for a social guild, I donít want to be in an environment where people donít communicate and actually speak to one another. Also an adult community and not a bunch of high school kids spouting the N word freely like theyíre in a rap video.
-I prefer 25 man raiding but will settle for 10 if all other criteria are fulfilled. I also prefer a PVP server as I like to stomp horde 24/7 but itís not necessary.

Please contact me via battle tag Lavanis#1375 or for those who donít have that yet Nathanieltheis@yahoo.com is my real ID. Thanks in advance for your interest.