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Thread: Prot Warrior DPS

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    Prot Warrior DPS

    I'm a bear, and my OT is a prot warrior. On pretty much every fight this tier I generally out-DPS him by a pretty large margin. I know bears have traditionally had the highest dps of the tank classes, but the disparity between him and me seems too wide to be a simple difference in class mechanics. I checked out RaidBots, and while the parses there still have bears on top of warriors, the difference isn't nearly as pronounced as it is in my raid group.

    That's our WoL from last night (we forgot to turn it on for stone guards). If you compare my dps to his, the difference is pretty striking:
    • Feng - 48k : 31k (althoughI had the shroud, but actually *should* have been higher but I messed up a couple of the steal rotations.)
    • Gara'jal - 47k : 36k
    • Spirit Kings - single tank fight but he was only 5k (51k : 46k) ahead of me in his OS dps gear
    • Elegon attempts
      • 74k : 37k
      • 81k : 45k
      • 78k : 40k
      • 86k : 46k
      • 101k : 46k
      • 79k : 47k
    He's asked me for help getting his dps higher, but having never played a warrior past the 20s I really don't have enough knowledge of the class to help him out much apart from checking on his gems and reforges, which don't seem too far out of line with the theorycrafting I've seen.

    Can anyone with more knowledge of the warrior class look over his parses (Daregone) and see if it's a rotation issue?

    edit: for what it's worth, the druid healer who was underperforming is actually normally a moonkin but had to step in and heal with his OS last night because my healadin had something come up.

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    I looked back at the previous weeks Stoneguard kill since taunts swaps tend to give funky uptimes. Looking over it i see he's rather slow at reacting to his procs, over an entire GCD on average between getting a SnB or Ultimatum proc and actually using them. His Active mitigation uptime is pathetic, his berzerker rage uptime is nigh non-existent, In that 323 second fight he should (even without a single SnB proc) have 53 shield slams he only used 41, so hes not prioritizing that well, he's not using battle/commanding shout, recklessness or skull banner at all, he's taken shockwave which a dps loss against dragon roar, he's taken Avatar which is a DPSloss agaist Bloodbath, and he hardly uses it. Cross referencing his sunder armour uptime with his weakened blows uptime he's not very good at keeping weakened blows up. Looking up his armoury, He's using the wrong meta, he's stacking way to much stam and not capped with either his hit or expertise and is still reforging out of hit. He should take GoRevenge not GoBullrush.He needs to read the guid in my sig.

    On his offspec, his Bloodthirst count is wank, as Fury it's you no.1 priority he was alive for 319 seconds, he used it 44 times he could have fit it in 70 times.He took avatar, he should have taken blood bath. He could have fit recklessness in twice he used it once, He could have used skull banner twice.
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